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Albion Fellows Receives Grant for New Playground

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Come springtime, children at Albion will have a brand new playground thanks to grant money from Trinity United Methodist Church. Soon the empty space in the backyard will be the new foundation of a $5,000 play set from Custom Recreation. Residential Program Director, Penny Grubb told us this will be the center’s first real playground and it will make a huge difference for the children who are at the shelter. She said that in the month of November alone they had more children at Albion than adults. The new playground will have a picnic table, swings, a slide, and climbing features. “We had an awful playground it was just a wooden structure with no way for children to really play on it. They could climb up and jump down and that was it... I had a vision of what I wanted out there. I wanted children of all ages to use it and adults to be able to use it. And so we wrote a grant and we got the money!,” Grubb said. Additionally, she said thanks to community support, every residential and non-residential client will be getting a wrapped Christmas gift this year too. They have a target registry online with a list of items they need, for those looking to give back this holiday season. Grubb said the outreach and support from the community the past couple of months has been incredible.