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Redwood Vs. Cedar

Redwood is naturally resistant to insects, decomposition, warping, and raising of the grain. It is absolutely the best wood for outdoor playset use. Our redwood playsets have no weight limits and come with a lifetime warranty. The cedar playsets are derived from high-quality lumber and come with a 15-year warranty.

  • Our premium redwood is responsibly sourced from sustainable, managed forests, so we can keep making quality playsets for generations to come while protecting the environment
  • Redwood trees get their reddish-brown bark and heartwood from high levels of harmless tannin
  • Redwood tannin and other natural chemicals help protect the wood from fungal disease, insects, and deterioration–even after harvesting and milling
  • Redwood is one of the fastest-growing timber species on earth
  • Redwood forests of young, new trees are expanding at an impressive rate

Woodplay chooses premium redwood for all of the excellent reasons listed here, as well as for its ability to retain its beauty and luster. We apply a transparent stain that enhances the natural beauty of the lumber to compliment your yard. The stain is water-based, kid-friendly, low in volatile organic compounds and safe for play.