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Woodplay Vs. Safari


The Outback and Playhouse Series are the original Woodplay designs

The base playsets have no weight limits and they come with tons of customizations

Outback Series

Outback angled ladders are a Woodplay original - and now an industry standard. The Outback Series creates the most room "down under" the deck - enough room for a rotational tire swing - and give wide access to the deck from the rock wall or chain ladder.

Playhouse Series

The Playhouse Series lets them unwind with traditional, square base playsets that allow for popular accessories such as a built-in sandbox or picnic table. These options for more relaxed play let them take it easy after a long day of fighting crime, exploring uncharted waters, or any other adventures their Woodplay playset will take them on!

Safari Series

The Safari Series offers the renowned quality and safety standards of Woodplay in a value-oriented line. This series offers both wide-angled and square-based playsets. Safari Series playsets offer some customization options and deliver the superior construction standards you've come to expect from Woodplay.