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About Brunswick

The Most Storied Brand in Billiards

It's a name known the world over for quality and craftsmanship. Brunswick Billiards has been a leading influence in recreational products for 170 years. Founded by John Moses Brunswick, the company grew into a global brand that has endured the tests of time. The story of Brunswick is the story of America – its growth and the dreams it represents. Explore the company's heritage and history through the website below, which demonstrates the innovations of the past with an eye on the future.

A Family Business

John Moses Brunswick immigrated to make a new life in America. After seeing an exquisite billiards table from the esteemed London manufacturer, John Thurston, Brunswick decided to get into the billiards business, saying "if it's made out of wood, we can make it better." He called for his brothers to join him in America to help build his company, expanding across the United States and internationally to create an American corporate icon.

Creating an American Pastime

Brunswick took the game of billiards to the homes of American families. They recognized the importance of setting standards for competition and creating structure and rules to govern the game. Billiards continues to be a popular pastime across the country and globe; it doesn't care about your age or background, it just wants you to enjoy the game, and Brunswick set the standards to create a great American pastime.

The Legacy of Brunswick

How does a company survive 170 years? For Brunswick, its legacy of adaptability, creativity, quality, shared vision, and global reach has helped it endure. The company adapted to the times, launching a line of soda fountains in the shadow of prohibition, adding new product lines as new pastimes took center stage, all the while standing by the heart of the business, billiards.

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