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Are you moving and you want to take your pool table with you?
We can do that.

Are you getting new floors and you need the pool table moved to another room for a few weeks?
We got you covered.

Are you moving out of town and you want your pool table broken down for the movers?
No problem.

Are you moving into town and you need your pool table rebuilt?
Welcome to town and we’d love to help!

Have you worn out the cloth on your pool table?
We can replace that for you (numerous brands of cloth and colors are available).

Have your rubber cushions gone dead?
We can put new cushions on for you.

Maybe you can handle most of the install yourself but you want us to wrap the rails for you?

Have you had your table forever and you want us to check and see if it’s still level and fix it if needed?
Not a problem.

Are you buying a used pool table and you want it moved to your house and new cloth put on it?
No worries.

Are you buying a new pool table on the internet and you want us to build it for you?
We’re happy to help!

Please give us a call, tell us what you’d like us to do, and we’ll quote you a price.